Teamwork is Important to Us


Successful teamwork between parents and providers is important to us because it reflects on the child's development.


That's why we have a culture of teamwork at Mommy's Best Friend. There is constant interaction between parents and MBF as we plan excursions, common activities, and parties.


Our current projects are:

  • "Reading Hour" workgroup
    The parents of children of all ages read a story during circle time.
  • Organization of "Father-Child Day"
    Once a year, Mommy's Best Friend hosts a Father-Child Day event. The day's activities are planned by MBF and members of the parent group.
  • Room Parent
    Each month we ask 4 parents to become honorary room parents to spend an hour each week inside the daycare to assist in art projects, music class, etc.  The parents act as a teacher's aide and get to interact with their child and classmates. 
  • Child-Parent Talent Show
    Once a year Mommy's Best Friend holds a student-parent talent show which always plays to rave reviews.  Singing, dancing, skits and magic acts are just some of the ways to showcase your child's many talents.


We're always grateful for support above and beyond the call of duty.

Contact us to find out what you can do!